As the Co-CEO of FinishLine Tax Solutions, LLC Scott leads an organization passionately committed to helping clients take control of their tax problems. Because of its proven track record of success, FinishLine has grown to become one of the largest tax resolution companies in the country.

Throughout his professional and entrepreneurial career, Scott has committed to giving back to those less fortunate. He is a noted mentor to prisoners and young adults where he shares his story of success and perseverance. He teaches the importance of “Committing to your commitment”… a philosophy that guides him to this day.


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Discover the power of positive thinking

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Scott has first-hand experience going through all of it in his personal life and committed to sharing and helping others to achieve the same results as he did through his motivational speaking. He is Inspiring change and personal growth through powerful storytelling.

Empower Your Team to Reach Their Full Potential

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Scott is Transforming lives with engaging and thought-provoking insights. He is an amazingly successful entrepreneur and a true business enthusiast. Scott co-founded FinishLine Tax Solutions with $2000, positive attitude, confidence and strong will to succeed. FinishLine is now recognized as one the fastest growing private companies by Inc. 5000 Magazine in 2022. Scott’s experience as a successful businessman is invaluable and he is committed to sharing his expertise to empower other businesses.

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Unleashing the power of words to create lasting change

Absolution: The Dark Path to Light

The Story of Scott Allen Curley

Self-made millionaire and one of the nation’s most unlikely and successful businessmen, was born into the world unknown by his father, and unwanted by his mother. Adopted by the Curley family, Scott recognized from an early age the conflict between who he was and the person he was expected to be. To fill this gap, he created an alternate persona of confidence and popularity while secretly questioning his own identity and self-worth…