The Story of Scott Allen Curley

Scott Allen Curley: Self-made millionaire and one of the nation’s most unlikely and successful businessmen, was born into the world unknown by his father, and unwanted by his mother. Adopted by the Curley family, Scott recognized from an early age the conflict between who he was and the person he was expected to be. To fill this gap, he created an alternate persona of confidence and popularity while secretly questioning his own identity and self-worth… The struggle beneath this contrasting and conflicting identity crisis eventually leads him down a dark path of drugs, criminal behavior and ultimately a decade of incarceration on some of the most dangerous prison units in the country.

A roller coaster of abuse, drugs, prison, sobriety, determination, relapse, homelessness and, ultimately, absolution, Scott Allen Curley’s journey from darkness into the light is a true story that proves it’s never too late… And no one is ever too lost, to turn tragedy into triumph.

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