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Scott’s journey began in a small town outside of Houston, TX. He was reared in a hard-working middle-class family which instilled strong work ethics. However, due to the family’s struggles with addiction and alcoholism, he unfortunately endured emotional and mental abuse throughout his childhood and adolescent years.

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Tenacious, visionary, and strategic thinker are just a few of the words commonly used to describe Scott Allen Curley. Scott co-founded FinishLine Tax Solutions with his friend Brian Gordon with only $2000 on hand and now FinishLine is recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America with a three-year growth rate of 500 percent.

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Throughout his professional and entrepreneurial career, Scott has committed to giving back to those less fortunate. He is a noted mentor to prisoners and young adults where he shares his story of success and perseverance. He teaches the importance of “Committing to your commitment”… a philosophy that guides him to this day.


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Find your passion and let it guide you towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether it’s a hobby, a career, or a cause that you care about, following your passion can lead you down a path of purpose and impact.
How to Overcome Obstacles
Obstacles are a natural part of life, but they don’t have to hold you back. With the right mindset and strategies, you can overcome any challenge and come out stronger on the other side. Connect with Scott for tips on how to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward.

Absolution: The Dark Path to Light

The Story of Scott Allen Curley

Self-made millionaire and one of the nation’s most unlikely and successful businessmen, was born into the world unknown by his father, and unwanted by his mother. Adopted by the Curley family, Scott recognized from an early age the conflict between who he was and the person he was expected to be. To fill this gap, he created an alternate persona of confidence and popularity while secretly questioning his own identity and self-worth…